oa Africa Insight - Romania and Africa: Old Traditions, New Opportunities

Volume 32, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



Many papers have been delivered on subjects relating to Africa and the relations between the Republic of South Africa and important economic and political entities of the world or industrialised countries, members of the G-S. Colleagues representing those countries and entities have spoken at length about the visions of their respective governments concerning the future of Africa and their ties with African countries, including this beautiful and resourceful land which is South Africa, about programmes of assistance, about NEPAD and how their countries plan to contribute to its success. By contrast, one may wonder what a democracy in transition and a country like Romania which cannot compete with the affluent nations may have to say on those subjects and, moreover, what new light may be cast on them. However, we suggest that as our world is surrounded by the infinite and the infinite is an endless resource of possible and actual approaches. the vast topic which Africa and the African Renaissance make nowadays allows of an ampler vision as to their future.

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