n Africa Insight - The rhetoric of Africanism in Johannesburg as a world African city

Volume 34, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


This paper argues that local governments in the developing world need to question the basis of their value systems as they move towards adopting policies fashioned according to the demands of the market. To this end, this paper discusses the Eurocentric development of Johannesburg and the changing perceptions of the inner city. In what ways are the market policies adopted by the city of Johannesburg an extension of the Eurocentric values embraced by capitalism? How is marketeering a culmination of a long-evolving hegemony of the Eurocentric value system that fosters a process of unequal development between whites and blacks? And how can planning facilitate a symbiotic synthesis between Africanisation and Europeanisation in building the city of Johannesburg?

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