n Africa Insight - Africans and African-Americans : an enduring relationship

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


This paper examines, within a historical context, the nature of the relationship which has existed between Africans in the continent and African-Americans, from the Atlantic Slave Trade era to the present. It argues that by working together Africans and African-Americans have challenged slavery, oppression, colonialism, racism, and exploitation. Significant cases used in this study include slavery, decolonisation, the African-American civil rights struggle, and the anti-apartheid crusade. It is hoped that this essay will reiterate to blacks that some of the major achievements made to improve their lot was as a result of a combined effort, and to remind them that the struggle continues. Currently, the problems confronting both groups are monumental, and the response must be similarly monumental. This paper challenges them to revisit the ideas postulated by the early pan-Africanists, as they search for ways to address their problems in contemporary times. They must continue the work to improve the welfare of Africans and African-Americans. It is hoped that this study will encourage more research and awareness on black people's contribution to the world.

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