n Africa Insight - The New Partnership for Africa's Development : promoting foreign direct investment through moral political leadership

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


This article considers how the New Partnership for Africa's Development can promote sustained levels of foreign direct investment in Africa. Over the years a number of African countries have undertaken reforms directed at promoting FDI. These reforms have included macro-economic reforms, democratisation, and improvements in governance, rule of law, peace and trade liberalisation. Despite these reforms, little has been achieved in terms of attracting more FDI. Although much of the literature on the determinants of FDI attests to the importance of these elements in attracting FDI, little attention has given to the issue of leadership and how it may influence investment or promote investor confidence. In this article, I argue that Africa's underdevelopment, and particularly the lack of investor confidence in the continent, can be attributed to the continent's poor leadership. I further argue that the challenge for NEPAD is to promote moral leadership in Africa, both at national and continental level, if it is to succeed in enhancing investor confidence about the continent.

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