n Africa Insight - Marketing communication practices by manufacturing business enterprises in Eritrea

Volume 37, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


The role of marketing communications in business success has increased considerably in recent decades. Although the increasing importance of marketing communications should benefit firms globally, limited research has been undertaken to analyse the applications of marketing communications in developing countries. This study empirically assesses the overall use and integration of marketing communication tools by manufacturing firms in Eritrea. The study reveals the following main communication behaviours by manufacturing firms in Eritrea. First, compared with advanced countries there is a tendency for relatively less emphasis on marketing communications amongst manufacturing firms. Second, the most important communication tools in descending order on the basis of the percentage of usage are sales promotion, personal selling and television advertising. This suggests that communications expenditure is predominantly allocated to below-the-line activities (i.e. sales promotion, personal selling) rather than above-the-line activities (i.e. advertising). Third, marketers in Eritrea do not seem to devote sufficient emphasis on strategic coordination and integration of the different marketing communication activities to obtain the benefit of synergy.

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