n Africa Insight - Heterogeneity in the CEMAC sub-region : alternative paradigm in sub-regional integration

Volume 37, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


The article is an analytical narrative on the challenges and prospects of integration in the CEMAC zone and uses the neo-functionalist concept as its underlying approach. It contends that the concept of African unity and integration was propagated and driven by Africans in the Diaspora, and that ownership of the concept was only transferred to Africans themselves after the 1945 Manchester Africa conference. The article focuses on the heterogeneous nature of the region's natural resources and how such diversification facilitates or impedes integration. Civil society participation in the integration debate has been uncoordinated and its voice is absent in the deliberative organs of Communuate Economique Metonetaire de l'Afrique Centrale (CEMAC). The challenges for integration in the region are many, and there is need for the right political attitude, thinking and perception for member states to overcome these challenges and work together for the benefit of the sub-region and its people.

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