oa Africa Insight - The education and training of the black worker

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



The fact that I am here today and speaking to you about this subject is, I think, indicative of a basic change of thinking that has come about in our country. Of course, in saying this I am referring to White attitudes: no-one gives higher priority to education than the Black parent and no-one is prepared to make greater sacrifices in order to obtain it for his children. Up to two to three years ago interest in and criticism (constructive or otherwise) of the state of Black education was limited to comparatively few individuals, certain groups and organizations, mainly churches and those concerned with race relations, a few politicians, with a spasmodic interest being shown by certain sections of the press. There was a general tendency to consider this as a matter for government ""to get on with"", and for other interests to take no further responsibility. This is, true, a generalization, and there were some outstanding exceptions in the private sector, among them some of our large corporations.

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