oa Africa Insight - Localization of services in the Bantu homelands

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



This article sets out to determine whether White missionaries of Western-orientated churches still have a role to play in developing territories, and more specifically if there is still a place for them in the Bantu Homelands of South Africa now progressing towards sovereign political status. Is the localization of mission hospitals in the Homelands inevitable - and if so, with what speed and abruptness is this likely to occur? What future is there in the Homelands for the White staff currently at mission hospitals in the Homelands - and if there is a future, will it be a worthwhile and rewarding future? Is it still justified to recruit dedicated young people for careers in a mission hospital - or should they start looking now for alternative outlets in which to fulfil their calling and desire to serve? These and similar questions are being asked as the Homelands move rapidly towards independence.

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