n Africa Insight - African expatriate communities in Africa : their size, lifestyles and relationship with their sending state

Volume 40, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


The literature on transnational communities is dominated by studies of migration flows from developing to developed countries. This paper argues that while the post-colonial African state has seen a decade-by-decade acceleration of migration to the developed world, there has simultaneously been an increase in intra-African migration, thus leading to the establishment of African expatriate communities within Africa. To demonstrate this phenomenon, the African continent has been divided into four regions, with one country selected as a case study from each, namely Egypt in the north; Kenya in the east; Nigeria in the west; and South Africa in the south. The first section of the paper lays out the historical background of intra-African migration in postcolonial Africa. Having considered the various dynamics of expatriate communities in the leading recipient countries of each region, the study identified common trends among these communities and their policy implications for government and business institutions wishing to engage these communities.

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