n Africa Insight - Trans-African identity
Cultural globalisation and the role of the symbolic-aesthetic dimension in the present identity construction processes

Volume 41, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


Globalisation entails a process of intensification of trans-societal and trans-cultural spaces, events, problems, economic transactions, conflicts and biographies, a process not necessarily unfolding in a centripetal, homogeneous and single way but rather in a polycentric, multidimensional one, dialectically contingent on the local. This synthesis between global and local takes place by means of a dichotomy: the global takes possession of the infrastructural, structural and axiological levels, leading societies towards a certain uniformisation; the local remains at the aesthetic level of symbols and icons, shaping self-referred differential identities. This article is aimed at exploring one of these new aesthetics, one that we have labelled the trans-African or black trans-national identity - that of all the communities around the world that claim an African descent.

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