n Africa Insight - Venezuela's African Agenda in a South-South context : the cases of Algeria, Gambia and South Africa, 2005-2010

Volume 41, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


Venezuela's African Agenda, an intention to diversify its oil partners as well as a search for a land where to export the 'Bolivarian Revolution', is a sign of the growing interest on the part of Latin America to strengthen ties with the African continent, and constitutes an alternative to the option represented by the BRICS countries, whose aims arouse suspicion among the poorest in the South. This article proposes an objective evaluation of the reactions this agenda provokes in three different African countries namely Algeria, Gambia and South Africa - as a way to measure its effectiveness and level of importance, trying to fulfil a vacuum in the literature that has mainly focused on the formulation and implementation of the new Venezuelan policy so far.

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