n Africa Insight - A perspective on climate change mitigation and GDP growth in South Africa towards 2030

Volume 44, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


Energy has become a critical factor in making business decisions, with other socio-economic variables such as employment and climate change being affected by decisions on energy. This study covers this entire sector, analysing energy planning, demand forecasting and the allocation of energy assets to determine an optimum energy strategy for South Africa. Various strategies are considered by using the Modern Portfolio Theory to construct energy portfolios on the efficient frontier. The current energy plan for South Africa provides for a large amount of surplus capacity in electricity generation by 2030, with large investments in underperforming energy infrastructure being expected to have an impact on growth rates and the 'green economy' being advocated as one of the key drivers of economic growth and the creation of employment. However, such projects have low employment and income multipliers, as most employment is created during construction and very little during the operational phase.

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