n Africa Insight - Trends and patterns of household energy use - developing alternative mechanisms in Adigrat Town, Ethiopia

Volume 45, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


Ethiopia is a nation with a diverse culture and diverse energy potential for development. Studies estimate that over 80 per cent of the primary energy sources in the country are traditional. The aim of this study is to: explain the trends and patterns of household energy use in Adigrat town; analyse the effects of current household energy use on the well-being of residents; and propose innovative alternative mechanisms for efficient and sustainable use of household energy. A descriptive research design is used. The findings reflect an increase in the rate of modern energy use. The majority of households that depend on traditional energy sources have suffered from health-related problems, physical challenges and fire accidents. The study recommends the use of clean and efficient stoves and the promotion of renewable energy.

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