n Africa Insight - Daring to Speak Truth to People's Power - Yash Tandon's Trade is War: The West's War against the World, Yash Tandon : book review II

Volume 46, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


In a recent article entitled , Professor Yash Tandon opens with a profound commentary on the contemporary condition of greed and destructiveness that some humans have deliberately created, and its implications for species survival and the very future of Nature upon which humans are also dependent for life. In a critique of how agricultural production has become the new frontier for venture capitalist plunder and accumulation, he declares that '[f]ood is the only medium through which to make profit. Though millions starve, profits must first be made'. While increasing numbers of small-scale African farmers across the continent are being drawn into 'organic farming for European markets', the majority of African people live without the basic requirements of a minimal livelihood. It is this life and death struggle which has underpinned the encounter between Europe and North America - generically known as 'the West' - and the rest of the world.

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