n Africa Insight - The G77 and the transformation of global relations for a just world
Challenges and opportunities

Volume 46, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804


On 20 July 2014, the Group of 77 countries (G77) and China commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the G77 characterised by the adoption of the 'Towards a New World Order for Living Well' Declaration of Santa Cruz. This was an acknowledgement that the current world order is not conducive to a good standard of living in the global South, and that there is a need to remedy the situation. The paper examines the feasibility of this project through an analysis of challenges and opportunities towards its realisation. In doing so, it examines the structure of global power and the extent to which the G77 can tap into it for the establishment of a better world order for all. This entails looking at possibilities afforded to the G77 and China at the United Nations (UN) Security Council as well as in the main committees of the UN General Assembly. Ultimately, the paper finds that, notwithstanding some avenues at the UN General Assembly's Second, Third and Fifth Committees, the lack of tangible results by the G77, the self-interest of actors and the shaping of global development agenda outside the UN, are elements of the structure of global power that hinder the G77 objectives.

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