oa Africa Insight - Pluralism and the integrative role of governmental institutions in Botswana

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



Botswana is one of the few remaining multi-party democracies in Black Africa. The current tendency in most African states is towards a greater centralization of power and authority which is mainly characterized by the rise of one-party systems and the decline of parliamentary government. The most important politico-administrative institutions on the central level of these one-party states are the central committee or national executive of the ruling party and the executive branch of government normally under the leadership of a strong president. Despite the fact that the system in Botswana is quite different from the above, it is nevertheless characterized by the existence of a dominant ruling party which resembles many of the single party systems in Africa. The system in Botswana is also characterized by societal pluralism which is a normal characteristic of African states. And pluralism is generally regarded as one of the most important factors generating political instability in Africa. The question of political stability must therefore be raised in any discussion of the integrative role of multi-party institutions.

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