oa Africa Insight - Export-processing zones and spatial planning in South Africa

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



One of the most fertile debates currently raging in South African economic literature (Krogh, 1973; Lachman, 1974; Bell, 1975) relates to the future direction of national development policy. Essentially, the argument centres upon whether South Africa, given its present semi-industrial stage of development, should reorientate its foreign trade strategy away from the current emphasis upon import-substitution, towards export promotion and those policies that generally are encompassed by the sobriquet of being ""outward"" rather than ""inward-looking"". Notably, re-examination of national economic planning is taking place at a period of considerable rethinking also on programmes for planning the spatial economic system of South Africa. In particular, the viability and costs of the existing strategy for economic decentralization are the subject of much latterday concern. It is the intention in this paper to elucidate one important complementarily in these twin policies of national and spatial planning.

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