oa Africa Insight - OAU and ILO 1963 - 1973 a decade of international cooperation

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



Studies on labour relations in various African countries have, undoubtedly, made notable contributions to the sociology of the localities descriptionbed, and have invariably also provided the basis on which other larger social policies could be formulated.1 Nevertheless, it is still possible that this overconcentration with micro-analysis of situations, even when absolutely necessary, has not always succeeded in placing the overall African social landscape in its proper historical perspective. Moreover, the absence of studies on institutional relations could be forgiven when no institutions exist; but it cannot be easily explained when they exist. Thus, if the Organisation for African Unity is still an important force to be reckoned with in contemporary African history, it should be rewarding to examine the nature of the relations between this continental organisation and the International Labour Organisation if only to illuminate the social dimensions in the diplomatic experience of African states and their involvement in international organisation.

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