oa Africa Insight - Southern African Community of Interests - South African Viewpoint1

Volume 6, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



The countries of Southern Africa vary considerably with respect to their political philosophies and practices. Up to the present, this diversity has by and large proved to be compatible with close intra-regional ties in trade, finance, labour, infrastructure, technology, and related matters. While it would be naive to believe that all the countries concerned will necessarily deem these economic bonds to be more important than certain strongly held political viewpoints and objectives, the cohesive force of long established and mutually beneficial ties cannot be ignored either. The article surveys these ties during the period 1970 to mid-1976 with particular emphasis on the relations between South Africa and the rest of the region. The conclusion is reached that the basis of common interests established to date, could be expanded and strengthened to promote progress and well-being of all in the region but that it remains to be seen whether these favourable pre-conditions will be permitted to prevail.

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