oa Africa Insight - The Potential Role of Political Parties in the Political Development of South West Africa

Volume 6, Issue 1-2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



During the course of the political development process in South West Africa it is significant that new Black and Brown political leaders have moved powerfully to the fore to stand beside existing ethnological traditional leaders. These new leaders mostly act as spokesmen for political parties, groupings, and semi-political bodies. The emergence of Black and Brown political parties, significantly since the end of the fifties, has been the result of increasing political awareness among the various population groups, separately and collectively. The people have increasingly come to regard political parties as mounthpieces and formulators of grievances, demands, and expectations. Against the background of this development this article questions whether political parties should be involved in the political development process of South West Africa. The answer demands the identification of existing political parties, groupings, and semi-political bodies, and their attitudes towards the political future of South West Africa, and then evaluates their functionality at the same time. The essential question discussed in this article is therefore whether political parties do have a potential role to play in the political development process of South West Africa, and if so, how this may be made possible.

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