oa Africa Insight - Republic of South Africa: Is Partition a Solution?*

Volume 7, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



During recent years many factors, for the most part predictable, have created a crisis zone in Southern Africa to the extent where confrontation between the superpowers could ensue in the immediate or more distant future1. These factors include the collapse of Portugal's colonial empire; the victory of the MPLA, or more accurately, that of the Soviet-Cuban expeditionary force, in the war over the People's Republic of Angola; internal developments in the People's Republic of Mo�ambique; the exacerbation of the bush war in the Republic of Rhodesia that has now been in progress for more than four years; the calamitous state of the economies of Zaire and Zambia due to mismanagement, transport difficulties, the drop in the price of copper on the one hand, and increases in the price of imported goods on the other; the uncertain future of the South-West Africa mandated territory, and finally, the increasing gravity of internal conflict in the Republic of South Africa that has been influenced by many of the factors mentioned.

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