oa Africa Insight - Mdukatshani - Experiment in Agricultural Development

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



Various features of the homelands form a background to their agricultural development; over-population, over-stocking, the fuel problem, migrancy, malnutrition, schooling, land tenure, stock theft and agricultural advisors. A number of psychological factors obstruct development if there is reluctance to change. Suggestions are put forward to overcome these obstacles. Background to the project itself is followed by a descriptionption in terms of the practical demonstration and the teaching aspect. The former involves an attempt to establish small self-sufficient plots using methane digesters to recycle waste, the latter involves a course of lectures in ecologically orientated agriculture. Means of selecting students and examples of their work are given. The school, an agriculturally orientated 'land school' also aims at creating a self-contained unit on the 'school farm'. The conclusion, involving applicability elsewhere, is preceded by evaluation of the effect on the community, officials and Chiefs and success, failure and problems.

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