oa Africa Insight - The Creation of Living Space and Homeland Consolidation with Reference to Bophuthatswana

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0256-2804



The contact between whites with a European Western background and blacks - in this case the Tswana - created a completely new situation affecting the whole spectrum of life and human relations particularly for the blacks. In this article the emphasis falls mainly on the spatial aspects i.e. the living spaces or lebensraum. The capitalistic white system with its private ownership, in many ways, dominated, at times even destroyed, the indigenous communal black system of the blacks. The white system tended towards an increase and consolidation of white areas as against a fragmentation and decrease in size of black areas. Though recognised as a dangerous trend nothing much was done about it except in modern times when the process also assumed a strong political bias. Efforts were made to reverse this process by increasing the size of and consolidating black areas into political spaces for independent states, as well as by the creation of a dual-city system in urban areas where most people live. A new legally supported black-white spatial arrangement was therefore created in the belief that it would provide a more durable basis for accommodating two widely divergent culture worlds peacefully and honourably.

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