n African Zoology - Two new genera and a new species in the holothurian family Cucumariidae (Echinodermata : Holothuroidea)

Volume 38, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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Two new genera, &lt;I&gt;Trachycucumis&lt;/I&gt; and <I>Trachasina</I>, in the holothurian family Cucumariidae, are described. The former is erected to accommodate a new southern African cucumariid, here described as <I>T. plettenbergi</I>, from the southeast coast of South Africa, and the &lt;I&gt;Trachythyone&lt;/I&gt; sp. Thandar (1991) from the northeast coast. &lt;I&gt;Trachasina&lt;/I&gt; is currently monotypic and is erected to accommodate <I>Trachythyone crucifera&lt;/I&gt; (Semper, 1869) which has remained erroneously in &lt;I&gt;Trachythyone&lt;/I&gt; for so long, despite several reservations. &lt;I&gt;Trachycucumis&lt;/I&gt; differs from &lt;I&gt;Trachythyone&lt;/I&gt; in being a warm-water genus with body wall spicules in the form of spinous cross-shaped rods and multilocular plates with one end often prolonged as a spinous handle. The new species, <I>T. plettenbergi&lt;/I&gt; differs from Thandar's &lt;I&gt;Trachythyone&lt;/I&gt; sp. in the absence of rosette-shaped deposits and the simplicity of the plates. <I>Trachasina</I>, on the other hand, is unique in having 10 equal tentacles and sparsely distributed spicules in the form of spinous crosses, unlike those of <I>Trachycucumis</I>, and simple, thick, smooth, oval plates with few perforations and without any prolongations.

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