n African Zoology - Controversial scientific names of African mammals

Volume 39, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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A number of problems still exist among African mammal names. <I>Vespertilio megalotis, Genetta maculata, Choiropotamus&lt;/I&gt; and &lt;I&gt;Myomys&lt;/I&gt; should be recognized as invalid synonyms of <I>Lavia frons, Genetta pardina, Potamochoerus&lt;/I&gt; and &lt;I&gt;Mastomys&lt;/I&gt; respectively. <I>Tragelaphus spekii&lt;/I&gt; was named by Speke (not P.L. Sclater) in 1863 (not 1864). By designation of a lectotype, <I>Antelope doria&lt;/I&gt; becomes a synonym of <I>Cephalophus zebra&lt;/I&gt; and so is confirmed as the type species of <I>Cephalophula</I>. The authors and dates of publication of the following are cited and discussed: <I>Galagoides rondoensis, G. udzungwensis, Hippotraginae, Hippotragus, H. equinus, Alcelaphus caama, Xerus erythropus, Arvicanthis</I>, and <I>A. niloticus</I>. Unjustified and justified emendations of names are summarized. The valid name in the following cases appears to be controversial and may require a ruling by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature: <I>Galagoides demidoff&lt;/I&gt; or <I>G. demidovii, Procolobus pennantii parmentieri&lt;/I&gt; or <I>P. p. parmentierorum</I>, Strepsicerotini or Tragelaphini, Peleinae or Reduncinae, <I>Damaliscus dorcas</I> or <I>D. pygargus, Graphiurus hueti&lt;/I&gt; or <I>G. nagtglasi</I>, and <I>Cricetomys dissimilis&lt;/I&gt; or <I>C. emini</I>. In spite of seniority, Sylvicaprinae and Connochaetinae do not replace Cephalophinae and Alcelaphinae respectively. The correct name for the rusty-spotted genet, which has been called <I>Genetta rubiginosa</I>, has yet to be determined. &lt;I&gt;Myotis&lt;/I&gt; cf. &lt;I&gt;megalotis&lt;/I&gt; from Congo-Brazzaville may not be correctly named and could be an unnamed species.

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