n African Zoology - Long-term trends in the shore fishery of the Transkei coast, South Africa

Volume 39, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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Twenty-four years (1977-2000) of competition shore angling catch and effort data from the Natal Coastal Anglers Union for the Transkei were analysed. Of a total of 71 species recorded, the most commonly caught species were <I>Pomatomus saltatrix&lt;/I&gt; (19%), <I>Rhinobatos annulatus</I> (13%) and &lt;I&gt;Sphyrna&lt;/I&gt; spp. (11%). By mass, most of the catch was made up of &lt;I&gt;Sphyrna&lt;/I&gt; spp. (31%) and a combination of <I>Carcharhinus brachyurus&lt;/I&gt; and <I>Carcharhinus obscurus&lt;/I&gt; (15%). Owing predominantly to changes in targeting of effort, annual dominance of catches varied considerably over the period, with contributions of <I>R. annulatus, P. saltatrix, Argyrosomus japonicus, Sphyrna&lt;/I&gt; spp., <I>C. brachyurus&lt;/I&gt; and <I>C. obscurus&lt;/I&gt; decreasing considerably while contributions of <I>Plotosus nkunga, Pachymetopon grande, Neoscorpis lithophilus, Dinoperca petersi, Lichia amia&lt;/I&gt; and <I>Scylliogaleus quecketti&lt;/I&gt; increased. Mean overall annual catch-per-uniteffort (<I>cpue</I>) by number and mass showed a non-significant increase over the period. None of the top species recorded showed significant trends in mean annual individual mass. The majority of <I>A. japonicus&lt;/I&gt; (94%), <I>C. taurus&lt;/I&gt; (86%), <I>C. brachyurus&lt;/I&gt; (100%) and <I>C. obscurus&lt;/I&gt; (100%) recorded were immature. All recorded catches of the commonest species, with the exception of <I>A. japonicus&lt;/I&gt; (6% undersize), were larger than the relevant minimum legal size limits.

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