n African Zoology - An ultrastructural investigation of Cunnington, 1913 (Crustacea : Branchiura) from Lake Tanganyika, northern Zambia

Volume 40, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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Sixteen male and one female specimen of <I>Argulus personatus&lt;/I&gt; Cunnington, 1913, were collected from <I>Bathybates ferox&lt;/I&gt; Boulenger, 1898, from Lake Tanganyika in northern Zambia. Light and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) examinations documented a thickening of cuticle located on the dorsal surface between last thoracic segment and abdomen, which was rectangular in shape; a basal section of the pre-oral spine and proboscis ornamented with simple scales; three large simple setae present on the distal end of the basal plate; the dorsal distal end of second podomere of maxillae ornamented with scales resembling those of a fish; second and third podomeres of maxillae ornamented with two types of pectinate scales (with fine bristle-like ends and scales with large pointed ends); the ventral distal end of third and fourth maxillary podomeres bearing large teardrop-shaped scales; a pair of tubular structures present adjacent to the anterior projection; a peg on the fourth pairs of legs of males bearing shallow grooves running irregularly across surface; and an accessory cushion bearing minute projections. These characters differed from the original description of <I>A. personatus&lt;/I&gt; and are addressed in a redescription.

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