n African Zoology - Bats of Southern and Central Africa : A Biogeographic and Taxonomic Synthesis, Ara Monadjem, Peter John Taylor, F.P.D. (Woody) Cotterill & M. Corrie Schoeman : book review

Volume 46, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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This is a magnificent book that deserves a place on the bookshelves of everyone with an interest, professional or amateur, in the biology of the fauna of Africa. While the focus of the authors might have been on biogeography and taxonomy, and this is emphasized in the title, the species descriptions include information on echolocation and feeding ecology, roosting sites and reproduction. This is far from a dry and difficult to read synthesis of the taxonomy of bats but rather an easy to read consolidation of much of what we know about the bats of southern and Central Africa. In many ways it is an atlas of adaptation and diversity within a single mammalian order. While diversity within the ungulates and carnivores of the region is widely appreciated (because of the size and activity patterns of members of these groups) the same cannot be said for the bats. Their nocturnal activity, small size and habit of roosting in hard to reach places means that they are easily overlooked and even when seen are little more than a blur in the night sky. will go a long way towards rectifying this by providing an easily accessible synthesis of bat diversity.

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