n African Zoology - Endoparasites (helminths and coccidians) in the hedgehogs and from Algeria

Volume 47, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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The study of endoparasites (helminths and coccidians) in the Algerian () and desert () hedgehogs was performed between July 2008 and October 2009. The helminth species found included two cestodes, (Anoplocephalidae) and an unidentified cestode larva in the mesentery, eight species of nematodes: (Trichuridae) in the intestine, spirurids (Spiruridae) in the intestine, (Crenosomatidae) in the lungs, (Gongylonematidae) in the oesophagus, (Physalopteridae) in the stomach, sp. larvae (Physalopteridae) in the mesentery, (Rictulariidae) in the stomach, (Spiruridae) in the intestine; and two acanthocephalans, (Moniliformidae) in the intestine and larvae of an unknown acanthocephalan species in the mesentery. The general prevalence was high in both hosts, 92% in and 94.12% in was the most prevalent species (64.0% in and 64.7% in ). Polyparasitism of helminths was 68% in and 52.9% in . Two coccidian species were detected in both hedgehogs, sp. and sp. We provide the first complete parasitological data from Africa for these two hedgehogs.

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