n African Zoology - The histopathology of Pariselle, Lambert & Euzet, 1991 (Monogenoidea) in the stomach of the southern mouthbrooder (Weber, 1897) (Cichlidae)

Volume 50, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1562-7020
  • E-ISSN: 2224-073X
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The aim of this study was to describe the histopathology of the stomach of the southern mouthbrooder (Weber, 1897) naturally infected with an endoparasitic monogenoid, Pariselle, Lambert and Euzet, 1991. A total of 16 host specimens were collected in February 2014 from Padda Dam (Gauteng province, Johannesburg, 26°17' S, 27°99' E). This monogenoid occurred at a prevalence of 56.3%, mean abundance of 2.6 and mean intensity of 4.2. Pieces of stomach tissue with parasites were fixed and processed for routine histological investigations. The anchors and marginal hooks played important roles in the attachment of the parasite to the host. The parasites inserted the sharp curved terminal ends of their anchors into epithelial tissue, while the hooks penetrated superficially and lifted the epithelial tissue. This resulted in a secure attachment and, in most cases, parasites could only be dislodged from the host tissue with some difficulty by using a needle. The histopathological changes caused by the monogenoid on these wild fish were mild and restricted to the vicinity of haptoral attachment. Pleomorphism and mild metaplasia, vacuolation, and mild epithelial hyperplasia occurred in the vicinity of haptoral attachment.

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