n South African Journal of Agricultural Extension - Gender roles in the household and farming systems of Tchenzema, Morogoro - Tanzania

Volume 29, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0301-603X
  • E-ISSN: 2413-3221


The purpose of the study was to determine gender roles in a matrilineal society in domestic and crop production activities. The role of gender in decision making was also investigated. The study was conducted in Tchenzema ward in the Western Uluguru mountain Morogoro, Tanzania. A structured questionnaire was used to collect primary data while secondary data was obtained from the literature. The study findings show that females of all ages did all the domestic work except fuel wood collection which was done by males of all ages. There was no clear cut division of labour between gender in either cash or food crop production. Decision on production and resource allocation were done jointly between spouses while decision on hire of labour was mostly done by men.Gender production relations in the society studied differs from those in patrilineal societies. It was recommended that the extension service and development projects should address both gender equally. Extension meetings should be organised at times and places that would enable women to attend.

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