oa Agriprobe - Risky business : agricultural insurance in the face of climate change - : Elsenburg journal

Volume 13, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



One of the key reasons for the struggle of South Africa's smallholder farmers is the inability to effectively insure themselves against extreme weather events that threaten agricultural production. This has become increasingly relevant as climate change has led to the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather conditions (Smart Agri Project Consortium, 2015). Agricultural insurance in South Africa is currently not tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers (FinMark Trust, 2013). An effective insurance option for smallholder farmers would help to make agriculture an attractive option and assist in promoting Agrarian reform in rural areas.

This paper aims to highlight the need for appropriate agricultural insurance schemes and identify the lack of such schemes in South Africa, especially for smallholder farmers. The hope is then that this will be taken further by researchers and other stakeholders to come up with specific solutions and insurance designs that address the issues specific to smallholders and the environmental and economic factors they face.

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