oa Agriprobe - Setting the scene
Minister van Rensburg joins Steinthal Orphanage at LandCare Camp - : editorial

Volume 2013 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



As we approach the end of the year and plan ahead for the next medium term. It is appropriate that this issue does in fact focus on an aspect of our South African context which seems very far from our realities when living amongst the bright lights of our vibrant cities. This issue aims to highlight the dynamism of what is currently and what could potentially be done in terms of Rural Development in our precious South Africa.

Gerrit van Rensburg, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and his wife Christa, joined more than 70 children from the Sternthal Orphanage, Tulbagh at a Junior LandCare camp in Tulbagh that was held especially for the orphanage.

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