oa Agriprobe - The socio-economic dimension of agritourism

Volume 4, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



Agritourism has been identified as one of the options available to farming communities (Nowers and De Jager, 2002), and not only farmers alone, in order to stabilize and in fact increase their net income of their businesses and improve the quality of life at all levels. The addition of more tourists to a region does not only impact on the visiting farm alone, but also on the broader community and local amenities as well. This will necessitate the consideration of changes in management plans and even adapted value systems. According to Senge (1990), the essence of a learning organisation, in this case the management of the farming business involves not only the development of new capacities, but also fundamental shifts of mind, individually and collectively. In many aspects this require a fresh look at present infrastructure and the needs of the tourists, as well as an intra-reflection on own attitudes towards this 'new' social elements that may change the social dynamics of a rural community.

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