oa Agriprobe - Exploring some socio-economic dynamics within the South African ostrich industry

Volume 7, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



Which profitable agricultural industries can be targeted by people who wish to invest in/or start agricultural business? What should be the expectations of these interested people in terms of returns from this kind of business? These are the questions always asked by people who are interested in starting an agricultural business. Such people in some cases have a lack of information because they've never been in agriculture before nor studied it. They may be interested in starting agricultural production simply to respond to severe poverty which they may face, as well as to generate additional income in some cases. The analysis of industries is of vital importance. This kind of information can be disseminated to people in order to enable them to make decisions on which agricultural industries they should target and invest in.

This article used the data received from the South African Ostrich Business Chamber to analyse the South African ostrich industry. The data was captured in an Excel spreadsheet which was then used as the statistical tool to analyse the data. The graphs that were used to determine the level of trends in production volumes, price fluctuations were also done in Excel.
The results clearly demonstrate that South Africa's ostrich industry is one of the more important industries in terms of exports and contribution to socio-economic development of South Africa. The literature in this article reveals that South Africa enjoyed a virtual monopoly on the industry until the 1980's. The results further indicate that South Africa is still the world leader with a 70% market share.

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