oa Agriprobe - The Chinese ban on South African wool imports : so what?

Volume 7, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



On 18 August 2010 China imposed, with immediate effect, a ban on South African wool and mohair imports. The argument ostensibly used, was that the Chinese wanted to keep Rift Valley Fever from their country (, 2010). It is important, from the outset, to state that this claim is spurious; Rift Valley Fever cannot be transferred via greasy wool if it is treated appropriately. As 20% of South Africa's wool is produced in the Western Cape (, 2002) and small-stock farming plays a very important part in certain areas (i.e. the Karoo), it is appropriate for the Province to ask how serious this problem is for South Africa. This, and what could be done about it, is two of the questions that will be addressed in this paper.

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