oa Agriprobe - Why the Department of Agriculture should be involved with game farming and wildlife

Volume 7, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



Is the game farming industry's interests housed where it should? Isn't it time for new innovative ways of thinking to mutually benefit our fragile environment and the sustainable utilization thereof? Farmers involved with game farming and ecotourism are more and more calling upon the Department of Agriculture to get involved with research, extension, legislation and training matters within this growing (fledgling) industry of the Western Cape. This is often substantiated by the fact that more than 5% of the area of the Western Cape is housing game farming activities, which may lead to the debatable question whether the necessary budget allocation in terms of research and extension/support are given to this important industry. Closer scrutiny indicates that there is a lot of confusion at present, especially when legal issues are to be adhered to; and yes, traditionally this was the political and legal domain of governmental conservation bodies. But times have changed and internationally preservationist dogma gave way to a more modern conservationist dogma which allows for, and calls for, rational new innovative ways of addressing environmental issues which ultimately have to sustain our stewardship role over both biotic and abiotic resources.

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