oa Agriprobe - Realism in tilapia farming in the Western Cape

Volume 8, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



If you are an aquaculture extentionst in the Western Cape, you get a number of queries on the farming of tilapia, also known as bream or kurper, on a regular basis. Invariably the query comes from a person that has heard that there is money to be made from farming these fish. Normally this perception is fueled by a newspaper/magazine article or a discussion with some so-called expert. Normally, but not always, these experts have a vested interest in trying to sell production system technology, fingerlings and/or consulting time. The purpose of this article is to place some facts on the table to make it possible for a potential investor to make balanced and informed decisions in undertaking a tilapia farming project.

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