oa Agriprobe - Some insights into the medicinal plants industry in the Western Cape

Volume 8, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



The lack of support in the commercialisation of the medicinal plants industry is reported as a major challenge by people involved in trade. As a result, these people lose the potential benefits they may enjoy from trading with these plants. In the Western Cape, the medicinal plants industry approached the Provincial Department of Agriculture to assist in addressing some challenges the industry face. Due to the lack of information the Department decided to initiate a study aimed at gaining some first hand information about the industry.

The study was conducted in the Western Cape Province. The aim of this research study was to gather information about the medicinal plants industry. The information received in this study would be the initial thrust used to develop a support strategy, provide advice and identify some marketing opportunities to medicinal plant farmers in the Province. The Department of Agriculture (DoAWC) started with its research mid-2010. It involved obtaining as much information as possible on the medicinal plants industry. This article contains some relevant primary and secondary information that relate to medicinal plants farming in South Africa, specifically in the Western Cape Province. It serves as a guide as to how the DoAWC and other stakeholders could support the medicinal industry in the Western Cape.

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