oa Agriprobe - Crop agriculture, pollination and the honeybee

Volume 8, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1810-9799



This statement, falsely attributed to Einstein and probably a fabrication, has nonetheless been prominently quoted in the world-wide media in the past few years, illustrating the global concern regarding the health of global honeybee populations, and the importance of this insect to the world as we know it. Animal pollination is required for approximately one-third of human food consumed on the planet - mostly the fruits and vegetables we rely on for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition, animal pollination is required for fodder and oilseed crops, and for producing the seeds of most vegetable crops. Insects, birds, bats, and other animals serve as pollinators while they forage for their own survival, consequently providing a free service upon which we depend more than we probably realise. A world without pollinators would mean a world of far less food choices, more expensive food, and a vastly changed agricultural sector.

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