oa Agrochemophysica - The response of grapes to a manipulation of the soil-plantatmosphere continuum : II : plant-water relationships

Volume 12, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



A group of twelve drainage lysimeters was used to determine the effect of a variation in the soil water potential on the plant-water relationships of grapevines. Treatments ranging from 10% to 85% of available moisture were applied according to a central composite rotatable statistical design. The diffusive resistance showed a sharp reaction to changes in soil water potential in the wet range, and the reaction was more gradual below -11,2 kPa. There was a positive relationship between consumptive use (CU) and yield with an inclination towards a decrease in yield at high CU. The consumptive use for vines was found to be relatively low, averaging 226 mm per season, and a negative relationship was found between mean integrated stomatal resistance and yield. Curves of consumptive use and consumptive use factors versus time showed large differences between treatments.

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