oa Agrochemophysica - Effect of liming on the growth, yield and fruit quality of apple trees in a field trial

Volume 13, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



The effect of liming on the growth and yield of apple trees (cv. Golden Delicious and Starking on Merton 793) and on the incidence of bitter pit was studied in a field trial. Tree growth as indicated by trunk diameter was significantly increased by liming and the best growth was obtained when compost had been applied with lime during soil preparation. Yield was significantly increased by lime alone or in combination with compost applied during soil preparation, as well as by an annual lime application on the soil surface. The incidence of bitter pit was significantly decreased by application of lime on the soil surface, but could not be eliminated completely. Acidification of the gravelly soil used in this trial was very rapid and annual maintenance liming at a sufficient rate is important to maintain the soil reaction at a desirable level.

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