oa Agrochemophysica - A comparison of buffer methods for determining lime requirement of acid soils of the Highveld region*

Volume 13, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



Lime requirements of 90 top- and subsoil samples of the Hutton, Avalon and Clovelly forms were determined using the following buffer methods: the Woodruff (1948) method; the 1961 SMP method (Shoemaker, McLean & Pratt, 1961); two modifications of the 1961 SMP method viz., the Highveld Region SMP method (HVR SMP method�Haumann & Volschenk, 1979) and the 1966 SMP method (McLean, Dumford & Coronel, 1966); the Adams & Evans (1962) method and the 1978 SMP method (McLean, Eckert, Reddy & Trierweiler, 1978) which is a newly developed double buffer method. The lime requirements obtained by these methods were compared with the limerequirement indicated by CaC03 incubation. All the methods were highly significantly correlated with the incubation method. The 1966 SMP method gave the highest correlation (r= 0 ,9219 ) closely followed by the HVR SMP method (r =0,9189) and the Woodruff method gave the lowest correlation (r=0 ,7690). Regression equations and graphs revealed that the 1978 SMP method gave the most accurate direct approximation of incubation lime requirement of all the methods. The conclusion, however, was that the 1966 and HVR SMP methods being twice as rapid as the 1978 SMP method, would be preferable for routine laboratory analysis after adjustment with the appropriate regression equation.

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