oa Agrochemophysica - The relationship between copper uptake by barley seedlings and various forms of extractable soil copper

Volume 3, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



The uptake of soil copper by barley seedlings was studied on 20 soils by means of the Neubauer technique. Total, 2% ??03-, 1% EDTA-, 0,1 ? HC1, Morgan's and 2,5% acetic acid soluble soil copper, were determined and correlated with plant uptake. The copper content of the seedlings correlated with EDTA-, HN03 - and HCl-Cu (r = 0,86**; 0,55* and 0,49* respectively). Total copper uptake correlated best with EDTA-Cu, followed by total and HN03-CU (r = 0,64**; 0,59** and 0,50* respectively).

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