oa Agrochemophysica - Enkele faktore wat die oplosbaarheid van koper in 'n waterige medium beïnvloed

Volume 3, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



Some factors affecting the solubility of copper in an aqueous medium. The quantity of copper ions in solution is a function of the pH of the medium and the amounts of foreign ions and compounds present. In the absence of phosphate ions and organic compounds, copper was precipitated at Cu(OH)2 at pH values above 5,4. The concentration of Cu-ions in solution decreased with an increase in pH and diminished to a very low level at pH 7,0. In the presence of excessive amounts of phosphate the copper concentration reached a very low level at pH 6,0 due to the precipitation of copper. Copper was kept in solution in the entire pH range from 2,8 to 8,1 by complexing with EDTA.

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