oa Agrochemophysica - Die gelyktydige ekstraksie en outomatiese bepaling van nikotien en suiker in tabak

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



The acceptability of a simultaneous extraction procedure for nicotine and sugar in tobacco, for use as a routine analytic method, was evaluated by investigating the merits of a water extraction method for the determination of nicotine in tobacco samples. 2. Fifty-one flue-cured tobacco samples were used as experimental material in determining the relationship between results obtained from an existing steam distillation extraction method and a suggested water extraction method for nicotine. A further four samples, namely a Fluecured-, a Light air-cured-, a Dark air-cured- and a Burley tobacco sample were used to determine the reproducibility of the results. 3. A ""Technicon Auto Analyser"" was used for the analysis of the extracts. Correlation-regression calculations made to determine the relationship between nicotine values obtained by using two different extraction methods. Coefficients of variance were calculated to determine the reproducibility of the results. 4. Results showed that using the simultaneous extraction method, the nicotine values compared favourably with those of nicotine values obtained by the conventional steam distillation extraction method. Furthermore, it was shown that the reproducibility of both sugar and nicotine values obtained by the simultaneous water extraction and subsequent colorimetric determination, was satisfactory. With the standardisation of the simultaneous extraction and determination procedure it was found that the productivity of the routine analitical section could be increased by 100% with regard to the number of samples which could be handled.

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