oa Agrochemophysica - Effect of water soluble phosphate on the utilization of rock phosphate by cabbage and rye plants

Volume 4, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



The effect of water soluble phosphate, added together with rock phosphate, on the availability of rock phosphate to plants, was investigated in pot experiments utilizing 3 2P labelled KH2P04 and superphosphate. In soil/rock phosphate systems, all the ? that can be taken up by the plant does not become uniformly labelled because rock phosphate ? exchanges only to a limited extent. In such systems, calculated L values do not indicate amounts of labile ? but are indices of the ratios in which rock ? and soil ? are absorbed by the plants. A low ""L"" value will, therefore, indicate that relative to soil P, less rock phosphate was absorbed than when a high L value is obtained.

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