oa Agrochemophysica - Die invloed van bemestingtoegediende chloor, chloorgehalte van besproeiingswater en loging van chloor op die opname van chloor deur tabak

Volume 8, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



In a field trial with tobacco the effect of leaching of applied Cl fertilizer from the soil under natural rainfall conditions on the uptake o f chlorine by the plant was investigated. It was shown that the leaching of chloride from the soil is very closely linked with natural rainfall. Soil and leaf analyses clearly showed that with a rainfall of 900 mm during the 1966/67 growing season (November to March), an application of 212 kg of Cl per ha was completely leached out from the 0-900 mm earth layer, even when the removal o f Cl by the plant was taken into account. This was reflected in the leaf analyses during the same season where a very low chloride content was registered

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