oa Agrochemophysica - Purification of pectin methylesterase from Santa Rosa plums

Volume 9, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0302-7112



Purification of pectin methylesterase from Santa Rosa plums was achieved by means of ammonium suphate fractionation and chromatography on two Sephadex G-types. This yielded a purified enzyme. During the final purification on Sephadex G-200 the enzyme was separated into two forms. The homogeneity of each form was examined by means of ultratracentrifugation. Electrophoresis performed at pH 9,0; 8,6 and 6,5 as well as chromatography on DEAE- and CM-cellulose showed that the purified components of the enzyme had an apparent lack of polarity. These results indicated the presence of a prosthetic group which was found to be a carbohydrate residue.

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