n African Journal of Herpetology - On the identity of Linnaeus 1758, the type species of the genus Wagler 1830, and the generic assignment of Afro-Malagasy skinks : original article

Volume 52, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2156-4574
  • E-ISSN: 2153-3660
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A recent phylogenetic revision placed Afro-Malagasy &lt;I&gt;Mabuya&lt;/I&gt; Fitzinger, 1826 into the genus &lt;I&gt;Euprepis&lt;/I&gt; Wagler, 1830, with the type species <I>Lacerta punctata Linnaeus</I>, 1758 (syn. <I>Mabuya homalocephala fide&lt;/I&gt; Andersson [1900]). Identification of <I>L. punctatus&lt;/I&gt; with &lt;I&gt;Euprepis&lt;/I&gt; destabilizes existing name usage for both a common southern African skink and a common south Asian skink. Reconsideration of the types of this taxon reveals another interpretation that maintains nomenclatural stability for both taxa. A lectotype is selected for <I>Lacerta punctata&lt;/I&gt; that fixes this name to the Asian species currently known as <I>Lygosoma punctatum</I>. The first type designation for &lt;I&gt; Euprepis&lt;/I&gt; is invalid and the oldest valid designation places &lt;I&gt;Euprepis&lt;/I&gt; in the synonymy of <I>Mabuya sensu stricto</I>. The name &lt;I&gt;Herinia&lt;/I&gt; Gray, 1839 is a <I>nomen dubium&lt;/I&gt; and is not applicable to Afro-Malagasy <I>"Mabuya"</I>. The oldest available name for this clade is &lt;I&gt;Trachylepis&lt;/I&gt; Fitzinger, 1843 (type species <I>Euprepes savignyi&lt;/I&gt; Duméril & Bibron, 1839 [syn. <I>Scincus quinquetaeniatus</I> Lichtenstein, 1823]), which thus replaces &lt;I&gt;Euprepis&lt;/I&gt; as the appropriate name for this group.

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